Want to Know More?

Fr Damian is usually available in church on a Tuesday evening between 5.30 and 6.15pm to discuss Baptisms/Christenings arrangements. Please pop in during this time, or contact him to make a definite appointment.

What is baptism?

IMG_1921. copyBaptism is a Sacrament of the Church, which is a sign of God’s grace and mercy to us his children, and was instituted by our Lord Jesus himself. Just as Jesus was baptised with water in the River Jordan so the Church today baptises, as he commanded, with water and the Holy Spirit in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This reminds us God is one person and yet he reveals himself to us in three distinctive ways, the Father who creates and loves us, the Son who brought us new life through his teaching, his death upon the cross and his resurrection at Easter and the Holy Spirit who is ever with us to sustain, nourish and inspire our daily lives. Baptism identifies us as followers of Jesus Christ and with him co-heirs to God’s Kingdom of justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. At the Ascension  we affirm that at baptism we become members of the worldwide family of God, members of the Universal Church, and in recognition of that membership join the local worshipping community. For this reason we ensure that everyone is warmly welcomed into the Church family and prepared for their baptismal commitment by-

• helping them make a commitment to regular worship during the weeks prior to the baptism service

• discussing the faith into which we are baptised and the service in which it takes place

What next?

Child and Infant Baptism

• Make contact with Fr Damian via the details on the ‘contacts’ page

• Parents arewelcome to have their children baptised at our church.

• Parents are encouraged to think seriously about the promises and declarations they will make at the baptism of their child, and will be provided with some resources to help with this, usually at a meeting with Fr Damian or one of the team. Fr Damian is usually available for this purpose on a Saturday morning during coffee in the Lounge at the Ascension or a Tuesday evening in Church between 5.30 and 6.15pm. Please contact Fr Damian to arrange a time to meet up.

• You are strongly encouraged to become regular members of the worshipping community and to make a commitment to attending Sunday worship for at least 3 consecutive Sundays before the baptism service, our All Age Eucharist on the third Sunday is a great place to begin. This is very much focused at families and children.

*You will be asked to bring your child for a blessing at a Sunday morning 11am Mass so that we can begin the journey to Baptism as a parish family.

Adult Baptism

• Make contact with Fr Damian

• Candidates for adult baptism are expected to have a basic understanding of the Christian faith and a genuine desire to be fully committed followers of Christ. You will usually be expected to attend a Christian basics and/or Confirmation preparation course.