Iconostasis in progress (1)St Martin’s Westgate is now home to a local group of Orthodox Christians, the Parish of the Holy and Life Giving Cross. We often hear of Greek or Russian Orthodox, this community is Antiochian, but includes people whose heritage comes from numerous Orthodox countries. The Orthodox Church is very different to what we associate with ‘church’ in the West; it has a very rich culture and holds fast to many ancient traditions. I am hoping Fr Jonathan, their parish priest, will be able to come and share with us something of the Orthodox tradition very soon. Please pray for Fr Jonathan and the community as they settle in at St Martin’s that it might be a happy place for them to flourish as a community. Please note the church building is still owned and run by the PCC of Torrisholme, under the guidance of Alan Forshaw.

Above a picture of the chapel which the Orthodox community are arranging as a permanent place for their worship, including the erection of their Iconostasis.