S__1360Holy Week is THE week of our Christian year. Please commit by making a faithful journey with the Lord these sacred days. Below are the times of service.

Holy Week Worship

with Intentions for our Daily Prayers

Monday of Holy Week       

We pray for those killed on flight 4U 9525

7pm                        Eucharist       

Tuesday of Holy Week     

We pray for ecumenical work in the area

7pm                        Eucharist

Wednesday of Holy Week                

We pray for Grace Parkinson RIP

10am                      Eucharist and Stations of the Cross

7pm                        Eucharist


Thursday                MAUNDY THURSDAY

We pray for persecuted Christians

7pm                        Eucharist of the Last Supper and Vigil at the Altar of Repose

Friday                     GOOD FRIDAY  

We pray for lasting peace in the world

10am                      Walk of Witness   (beginning at Torrisholme Methodist)

2pm                        Prayers at the Cross


We pray for departed loved ones

Sunday                   EASTER DAY

We pray for parish community

6.30pm                  Easter Vigil  (meet on the Barrow)

10am                      Sung Eucharist of the Resurrection