CRIBLast year Fr Damian, June, Robin and the team made a wonderful Christmas crib display, it was something to behold! (picture opposite) This year’s crib promises to be even more spectacular, and an even bigger display (if they can get it out of Fr Damian’ garage that is!!)

The 2014 Crib will be unveiled during the All Age Mass on Sunday 21st at 11am and will be fully ‘lit’, fairy lights and all at the carol service later that day at 6.30pm. COME AND SEE!

The Christmas crib in church is holy tradition founded originally by St Francis of Assisi, helping us focus on the reality of Christmas, that God in Jesus was born in a stable, the Lord of Lord came in humility, simplicity and meekness to proclaim an altogether different kingdom, as St Paul says a ‘kingdom of justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’. We invite you to ‘come, come to the manger’ this holy tide.

Visits to the crib can be made at any mass/celebration over the Christmas season.