altar 1

Following a bequest in memory of the late Sylvia Burrows we have been able to have restored a little altar rescued by Fr Damian. The altar originally stood in a private chapel of a RC family in the Ribble Valley in the 1880’s. It has found a fitting home with us in the area once used to house the organ speakers prior to the installation of the new pipe organ. We have reordered this area into a chapel for the Holy Souls dedicated to the mystery of Our Lord’s Resurrection and it now houses the churches chantry books. The altar was restored with a new colour scheme, motifs and lettering all designed by Jeanette Lewis, a very gifted ecclesiastical artist and her husband, as you’ll agree it looks very striking. The colours are inspired by the adjacent stained glass window and texts etc. to reflect the dedication of the chapel to the resurrection. The text on the altar goes around the sides as well as the front and reads, ‘Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life’. We hope the chapel will provide another space in our lovely church for quiet prayer, especially for our departed brothers and sisters in Christ.
May the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen.